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This website is dedicated to my parents, especially my mother, who encouraged and inspired me to take up this venture oh so long ago. On my Mother's side, we descend from Pierre Tremblay and Ozanne Achon, the progenitor of all of the Trembley. Tremblay, Trombley, etc... in North America! This site is mostly my Father's side of the family. My Father was captured during "The Battle of the Bulge" on 18 Dec 1944 and released 7 May 1945. He is a Stratton descendant. His royal gateway ancestors are, so far, Anne Derehaugh & Charles Chauncy.

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Our Stratton Ancestry started in Watertown, MA here in the US with Samuel Stratton of Podrington, Bedfordshire, England born 6 Oct 1592 and died in Watertown, Middlesex, MA on 25 Oct 1672.